I’m packing my suitcase and heading south for a very special occasion. My husband’s nephew is getting married to a lovely girl from our community. They have a fun love story with how they met and now they’re getting married…this weekend! So we’re leaving for Texas in a few hours to celebrate love and family and new beginnings and Eric and Laura. Lots of excitement!

With weddings come sparkling wines and I found this great little video on the correct way to open a bottle of champagne or other sparkling wines. It may not be rocket science but some people struggle with these things once in awhile. So I thought I’d include it in case you’re trying to open up your own bottle.

It’s being brought to you by a website called Vino Visit, which has a lot of fun information about everything wine related. Click here  to watch it. Mr Vino Visit explains it all. This video actually opens up to explain how to taste wine which may seem super basic but if you’re not familiar with tastings, you’ll learn something new. The video that plays right after that one goes into the opening of the champagne. They’re short videos that have great information.

You’ll hear more about the wedding when I get home from my trip and tonite I’ll be drinking a new bottle when I arrive in Texas….because it’s Thursday night. Tomorrow we’ll be traveling to Grapevine, Texas where there are 8 wineries! Stories and pictures to follow!  Until then…..Cheers!

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I’m a 50 something woman who has lived my whole life in the Midwest and love the change of seasons here in Wisconsin- I also love to spend time with my family and friends, listen to live and recorded music, read, write, hike, cook, bake and of course drink wine.

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