Planting the garden…part 2

Wow, it was a beautiful gorgeous weekend here. I’m finally feeling like spring has sprung- today it actually felt like summer….and the air conditioning went on at our house. I got some plants in the ground and feel great about that. The first time I planted  a couple weeks ago, Mother Nature decided that she wanted to cool things off and we actually had a spring frost- which in turn made my pepper and tomato plants all die- I should have waited but I so wanted it to be spring that I took a chance. Wrong decision. I feel like I’m past the point now where that will happen so more tomatoes, more peppers, more herbs, some kale, sunflowers, beans…..they’re all in the ground!  Yeay!

I drank a great bottle of wine this past Thursday and into the weekend- a great Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand that I’ve never tried before from Whitehaven Wines and it was excellent. Started out surprised as it tasted a little spicy, which was different to me…but also had a lemony, herby sort of flavor as well. The more I drank it the more I liked it! Check out their website, as this vineyard has a lot of different wines and I’m going to look for some others to try. I bought the bottle at the local Copps grocery store and it was under 15.00- would have this one again. I’ve been having a lot of good luck with the wines I’ve been trying lately.

The other new wine I tried this weekend was at a bridal shower party at a coworkers house this past Friday.  It’s so nice to see my work friends outside of the work place- work is stressful and we all tend to talk about….well work. This was such a fun night celebrating the bride Kayla…who is such a sweet person  I’m very fortunate to work with a great group of people and we have a ton of fun when we can just relax and enjoy each other. Because we were celebrating Kayla’s upcoming wedding, I chose a fun wine I found called Woop Woop from Australia. Loved the name and honestly bought it more for that rather than knowing whether or not it was any good. Well, I was pleasantly surprised and am actually heading back to the store to get more sometime this week. It was a really smooth Shiraz that was very fruity and full bodied- and a beautiful color when poured. I shared it with my coworkers and everyone loved it. A good pick!

Check out both of these wines and hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Until next time….Cheers!




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I’m a 50 something woman who has lived my whole life in the Midwest and love the change of seasons here in Wisconsin- I also love to spend time with my family and friends, listen to live and recorded music, read, write, hike, cook, bake and of course drink wine.

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