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Book Club that is…. I have the pleasure and great fortune to admit that I belong to a book club. Not any book club mind you but an amazing, enjoyable, fun filled, great eats, laughter filled book club. We are a group of women that started this fabulous book group back in the 2000’s… and yes, we are still going strong today in 2016. We’ve lost a few women along the way due to different reasons, but we’re proud to say we have 10 of the original 15 members still with us.  It’s rather impressive when you think about it. The women that stuck with this group are all wonderful friends  that enjoy books and food. So much so that the actual name of our group is the “Read ’em and Eat Book Group”  We all look forward to meeting once a month and not only talking about a great book but also eat great food, drink wine (yes!) and of course other drinks as well, get off track a bit, catch up on life, eat more, drink more and just have fun. It’s always a great time and something I look forward to each month.

Some of our books create the best conversations- Things you would never talk about otherwise and a lot can be learned by our discussions….and that’s the beauty of it. You learn something different each month about everyone….and how they think about different topics and sometimes life in general. On any given book club night I learn something new about someone in book group- I love that!

This month we read the book “The Girls of Atomic City- The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II” by Denise Kiernan. It was a story about a “secret city” that was built in the Tennessee mountains and recruited thousands of civilians to work for the war effort. Many of those that worked there were women- everyone was kept in the dark on what exactly they were doing there until the end of the war…and no one was allowed to discuss anything about their days at work or what their tasks were. Our discussion was mainly about this main fact- how on earth would that work in todays world?? With social media and just the way people think and work and do things now, it seems unbelievable that this could have taken place. Made for great conversation and here’s a link to the book if you’re interested in reading or finding out more. It was a book that most of us enjoyed, even though it was a harder one to get thru in some parts.

The women in my book group are all wonderful and it’s a pleasure to get together with them. We always have a lot of fun together and food is a big part of our group. We try to have some sort of theme related to the book and this month our host Kris suggested that we make something that we would surely miss had we lived in war times and didn’t have the choices we have today. I decided to make something sweet because I’m all about sugar…but then changed my mind at the last minute to a really good salad that sounded good on Pinterest….ah Pinterest….the go to place for EVERYTHING….but that’s another post. Anyway, I made this fabulous Barbecued Chicken Salad from the website Damn Delicious that was a huge hit. I thought I’d include the recipe if any of you would like to make it. It was super easy and the assortment of ingredients were pretty amazing…everything tasted fabulous together. I used a rotisserie chicken to make it even easier.  Enjoy!

I will post more about the happenings on book club each month. And I’ll post next time about a great wine I had this past week. Until then….Cheers!












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