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I can’t even describe the weather of this past weekend here in southern Wisconsin. My goodness….mid 70’s, low humidity, sun, light breezes….just a perfect combination after a very long winter here. I will try not to complain about our past winter because we got off easy in the way of snow accumulation….but it was just so long and took forever….makes a person kind of crabby….and I try hard not to be crabby.  So this beautiful weather made me glad to be a Wisconsinite!!!!  I’m hoping that winter is now behind us for good…I even went out and bought some flowers and got my hands dirty by potting them and put the deck umbrella up and everything. So all signs of spring!

Next weekend I hope to get out in my flower beds and clean those up. I love the idea of Spring and new beginnings. Everything is brand new and it’s so fun to see what made it thru the winter and what’s going to be peeping out of the ground. It’s just a beautiful season of fresh growth and new beginnings. Kind of like going thru different seasons in life. A time to start over if you choose. Here’s to Spring!

And because this is supposed to be a blog about wine, here’s a link to a special vineyard.  Edna Valley wines are some of my favorites. It might sound like I’m always saying that but I have yet to have a bad wine from them. I have never visited this vineyard but it’s on my list! Next time I go to California I’m going to visit and try everything they have. Ok, that’s probably not true but I will participate in a tasting and have fun and buy some of their wine… Until then, I’ll tell you about the ones I’ve already had.

In the summer I drink their Sauvignon Blanc- so fruity and fresh. Tastes like grapefruit and also a bit like how grass smells…if that can be a taste. Anyway, out on my deck with a glass of that and I’m just happy and content. Just lovely and it’s easy to find here so that’s a bonus. This past weekend my gorgeous firstborn daughter came home to spend some time with me….so that was a treat. We ended up buying a bottle of Edna Valley’s Cab. I would like to say that I had a glass…but I didn’t….I had a taste- that’s it, but that’s all I needed to know that I’d buy this one again as well. Can you guess who drank the rest of the bottle? (I think she liked it)

I’ve also had their Merlot in the dead of winter….think cocoa and cherries with a hint of anise. They have great info on the website so take a read and then buy your own bottle to try. Great prices. 14.00-16.00 range-



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