Texas has wine….

Last week we took a little trip to see two lovely young people get married…Laura and Eric- Eric is my nephew by marriage and Laura is from my hometown here in WI, but her parents are friends of ours and to make it even more interesting… from England!….this was a very fun wedding, with British accents and beautiful hats and fascinators and gracious guests….lots of love and laughter from everyone that came to see them say their vows. We had gorgeous weather and the wedding was perfect in every way. We were able to spend some down time with friends and family and also visited some Texan sites-

We spent one day in a little town near our hotel called Grapevine. It had a fun main street filled with shops, restaurants and surprise- Wineries!!! We stopped at two and both were great places to taste. We started at Umbra Winery and it was a very welcoming place with one of the prettiest bars I’ve ever seen….All amber and yellow tiles, was very cool. The guy working the tasting room was great and I really wish I could remember his name. He was originally from Michigan but had moved to Texas from the Eastern part of the country. He knew a lot about the wines and gave great info about the winery. They have some nice wines and Hannah and I especially liked the Sauvignon Blanc and a red blend called Red Fusion. The tasting room was modern and gorgeous and we ordered a delightful cheese board with bleu, gouda, brie and some other wonderful cheese I can’t recall…but it hit the hungry spot. If you are ever in this area, it’s a great tasting room…with a really cool bar as well.

The 2nd tasting room we stopped at was Bingham Family Vineyards and this one was very interesting. Really different wines than we’re used to- I can’t say that I fell in love with any of them but still  glad we stopped. Read their story on the website- they have not been in the wine industry long but like how they are very passionate about their grapes/fruit…they are trying different  varieties of grapes to produce different wines and they also grow grapes for other Texan wineries. We had an enjoyable time at this tasting room and the woman there was delightful and very knowledgeable. Bonus that some of the wines had great names..Dirt Farmer and Prairie Rose are two that I liked.

Anyway, we did some other enjoyable things in Texas. Took advantage of the weather and visited both the Grapevine and Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Grapevine’s was small but still lovely and Forth Worth’s was huge…we could not get thru it all but some of the highlights were the Japanese Gardens and they had an awesome butterfly exhibit where I was able to get some stunning pictures. It was nice to get a dose of spring-like weather after a long winter in Wisconsin. Here are a few beautiful pictures to remind us that spring is somewhere…because right now I’m watching it snow out my window!



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