Planting the garden…part 2

Wow, it was a beautiful gorgeous weekend here. I’m finally feeling like spring has sprung- today it actually felt like summer….and the air conditioning went on at our house. I got some plants in the ground and feel great about that. The first time I planted  a couple weeks ago, Mother Nature decided that she wanted to cool things off and we actually had a spring frost- which in turn made my pepper and tomato plants all die- I should have waited but I so wanted it to be spring that I took a chance. Wrong decision. I feel like I’m past the point now where that will happen so more tomatoes, more peppers, more herbs, some kale, sunflowers, beans…..they’re all in the ground!  Yeay!

I drank a great bottle of wine this past Thursday and into the weekend- a great Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand that I’ve never tried before from Whitehaven Wines and it was excellent. Started out surprised as it tasted a little spicy, which was different to me…but also had a lemony, herby sort of flavor as well. The more I drank it the more I liked it! Check out their website, as this vineyard has a lot of different wines and I’m going to look for some others to try. I bought the bottle at the local Copps grocery store and it was under 15.00- would have this one again. I’ve been having a lot of good luck with the wines I’ve been trying lately.

The other new wine I tried this weekend was at a bridal shower party at a coworkers house this past Friday.  It’s so nice to see my work friends outside of the work place- work is stressful and we all tend to talk about….well work. This was such a fun night celebrating the bride Kayla…who is such a sweet person  I’m very fortunate to work with a great group of people and we have a ton of fun when we can just relax and enjoy each other. Because we were celebrating Kayla’s upcoming wedding, I chose a fun wine I found called Woop Woop from Australia. Loved the name and honestly bought it more for that rather than knowing whether or not it was any good. Well, I was pleasantly surprised and am actually heading back to the store to get more sometime this week. It was a really smooth Shiraz that was very fruity and full bodied- and a beautiful color when poured. I shared it with my coworkers and everyone loved it. A good pick!

Check out both of these wines and hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Until next time….Cheers!





Happy Mother’s Day to everyone….It is a gorgeous, beautiful day in Wisconsin….the perfect day actually…no humidity, light breezes, low 70’s, plenty of sun, birds singing….well you get my drift. Two of my three kids are home this weekend, actually my son MOVED home this weekend…so my empty nest is no longer empty. He and his girlfriend have officially moved in for a few months while he is working at completing his OT degree . He’ll be participating in two residency programs where he’ll see patients and everything! I’m so proud of him and know he will make a wonderful Occupational Therapist.

It will be great having him here but I’m just a tad worried about falling back into the routines and yes, challenges of having a child living at home again….having an ear open at all hours to make sure everyone is home safe and sound, that music and TV isn’t too loud, laundry isn’t being done at 1am….the normal things that kids do….except he’s not really a young kid anymore….he’s soon to be 28, which is really an adult. Man, when did that happen and how does time move so dang fast?  I hate that….Anyway, I know that we’ll all figure it out and things will be  just fine.

To celebrate his moving in,  the Mother’s Day weekend, and just generally being together we had a cook out last night on the deck. We had salmon on the grill, red potatoes with rosemary in foil, a great Asian cabbage slaw salad and a larger than large chocolate layer cake from Costco….it was crazy big….I am a total chocolate fanatic and this was even too much for me….delicious but just more than anyone needs….

My oldest daughter Caitlin whipped us up some Cosmo’s….she found a recipe from Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa) that made 4 at a time….they were amazing and we had those for our happy hour. Here is the recipe for Ina’s Cosmos ….you just measure everything out and then just shake them out a couple at a time with ice…so tasty!  I don’t need another recipe after finding this one.

And of course any lovely meal like this one wouldn’t be complete without wine. The chocolate cake pointed to red so we went for one of my favorites…Petite Petit from Michael David Winery in Lodi, California. I bought this wine the first time I had it because of the whimsical elephant on the label and the cool bottle shape….but kept drinking it because of how fantastic it was. 85% Petite Syrah and 15% Petite Verdot, it is a bold, beautiful red….in fact so deep and dark that your teeth kinda turn red for a second after you drink it….lol, but so worth it. The taste is fruity and juicy with a hint of vanilla….and has a great finish, it’s a tiny bit dry but you hardly notice. I love this wine….try it, you will too!  It’s not pricey, I find it at Costco and other grocery stores for around 15-16 dollars. Makes a great gift or a bring along if you want to treat a host or hostess.

On that note, I’m off to plant some flowers as it’s simply too nice to be inside. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women that help make families complete, wonderful, happy, healthy and kind…Cheers!