I’m packing my suitcase and heading south for a very special occasion. My husband’s nephew is getting married to a lovely girl from our community. They have a fun love story with how they met and now they’re getting married…this weekend! So we’re leaving for Texas in a few hours to celebrate love and family and new beginnings and Eric and Laura. Lots of excitement!

With weddings come sparkling wines and I found this great little video on the correct way to open a bottle of champagne or other sparkling wines. It may not be rocket science but some people struggle with these things once in awhile. So I thought I’d include it in case you’re trying to open up your own bottle.

It’s being brought to you by a website called Vino Visit, which has a lot of fun information about everything wine related. Click here  to watch it. Mr Vino Visit explains it all. This video actually opens up to explain how to taste wine which may seem super basic but if you’re not familiar with tastings, you’ll learn something new. The video that plays right after that one goes into the opening of the champagne. They’re short videos that have great information.

You’ll hear more about the wedding when I get home from my trip and tonite I’ll be drinking a new bottle when I arrive in Texas….because it’s Thursday night. Tomorrow we’ll be traveling to Grapevine, Texas where there are 8 wineries! Stories and pictures to follow!  Until then…..Cheers!

The thing about friends…

….is that they are good for drinking wine with!  True statement, and of course they’re wonderful for many other reasons as well. I find that as I grow older (and wiser of course) that my friends mean more to me than ever.  I’ve been blessed to have many wonderful friends in my life and the ones I spent time with this past week are very special to me. We just get each other and always have things to laugh and talk about-and sometimes cry too…but we’re always there for each other, good times and rough times and everything in between. Love my girlfriends-

I talked this group into visiting a local wine establishment in Madison called Table Wine. Madison is a pretty amazing city with tons of things to do…great restaurants, wonderful places to listen to music, farmers markets, Concerts on the Square, the list goes on and on….We have some great wine bars in Madison as well and this one is a wine bar/wine store all in one. I stopped in here the first time with a close friend, then took my daughters, then my sister and now more friends. Can you tell I like the place? Not only have I bought a fair amount of wine here, I’ve also tasted some wonderful ones. It’s in a great neighborhood with tons of restaurants and bars so is a great starting place for exploring.

The owner of this fun little spot (Molly) is super helpful and knows a heck of a lot about wine. She explains everything really well and also has some great information on the types of grapes, the regions they’re grown, facts about the vineyards, etc….My favorite thing to do at Table Wine (and I’ve done it each and every time I’ve gone) is to order a flight. You can get reds, whites or a combination of both. On this visit,  3 of us ordered flights and we just let Molly choose our wines…it was super fun and all of them were a hit (with the exception of one) She promptly poured something else for Jayne when she didn’t care for the wine. Really thoughtful and great customer service. Two of the group wanted to drink beer and Table Wine has a great selection of those too. We all had a great time together and will be back again…(or at least I’ll be). If you live in the area, you should stop in for a glass, a flight, or to buy a bottle! It’s also a great place to choose a bottle if you’re going to a party, need a gift, …or just drinking it on your own…like I do on Thursday nights, ha!  She has some wonderful wines and alot of them are in the 10-20 dollar range, which makes it even better.

I lost my list of wines I tried on my flight but I did buy a bottle of the one I liked the best. I’ll be talking about that one in a few weeks so stay tuned. Until next time- here’s a quote that’s rather fun-

Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever.





A Cab and a Cabbage

20160317_173145-1 (2)

Happy Thursday everyone and Happy St Patrick’s Day!  I found out something very interesting about St Patrick’s Day and the wearing of the green….did you know that if you don’t wear green, you can get pinched? I stopped at my local Starbuck’s this morning and the barista told me that when she was younger, that even her teachers at school would pinch kids if they didn’t wear green. I thought that was kind of extreme….so when I got to work I asked someone…who thought it was kind of crazy too. Come to find out that it’s totally true according to sources on the internet….it’s all about the leprechauns! They go around pinching anyone they see….but here’s the catch- If you have green on, you’re protected because they can’t see you! So remember to wear green on St Patty’s Day- it’s important. At work I found 3 people that weren’t wearing green so I pinched them- even though I’m not a leprechaun. Anyway, that’s something new about this green holiday…

There’s also the Corned Beef and Cabbage component. I normally don’t eat meat but it’s so strange that I’m not even sure it is meat…and for some reason I love it…I do the whole crock pot thing with the carrots, onions, potatoes and whatever corned beef  is….cook it all day and then add the cabbage in the last hour or so…just a tub of goodness. Never mind that it makes your house smell absolutely awful for days, it’s just something that you have to do.

And because it’s a Thursday and the start of my weekend, I needed some wine to go with it. What better way to celebrate eating cabbage than pairing it with one of my favorite go to Cabs. I love J. Lohr wines, especially this lovely one. It’s such a pretty color when poured- and just makes me calm and content when I sip it. Tastes like cherries and has a bit of vanilla too. It is super smooth and the price is great- I find it at grocery stores in my area and it’s very reasonable, usually between 13 and 15.00. Totally worth it, it tastes like it costs much more than it is.

You can find out more about this wine on J. Lohr’s  website here

Try it, you will not be disappointed.

Tomorrow I will post about a great night of fun and laughs I had with some very close friends last night. We went to a really cool wine place I’ll tell you all about. Until then- Cheers!





What I’ve been drinking…

So this blog was set up with the idea that I’d be sharing some of the bottles I’m buying and drinking, both for me to remember what I’ve liked and what I haven’t and also to help my friends and followers perhaps choose a bottle that works for them. I’m always open to suggestions and please comment on anything that you’ve had and liked. I just might try it! This bottle was cracked open last week and it was lovely. I have not had tarrica wines before and this one was a treat! Gorgeous color and smelled great too….all berries and spice. I like a lot of different Zinfandels and I would definitely drink this one again. Was full and jammy and very smooth….This was a 2013 and comes from the lovely state of California…which is very special to me for reasons you’ll find out later. For more information about this wine visit their website here

I’d like to include a fabulous recipe of some delicious meal I ate with this wine, but the truth of the matter is I was downing pretzels and semi sweet chocolate chips…!  Oh well- still a great wine. Try it!  I’d like to know what you think!








And I’m up and running…..

I have spent the better part of this Sunday learning about setting up a blog and it’s kind of exhausting….Lots to learn and I’m not the most computer savvy….but stay with me. I love to write and I’ve been journaling for more years than I’d like to admit. I pondered writing a novel and had a lot of starts and stops….and it never turned into anything. Blogging is unique in my opinion. You can write little bits and pieces about a lot of different things that all change from day to day.  The name of my blog comes from a recent change in my work life….I now have Fridays off (lucky me) and so my weekend starts on Thursday….and a great way to celebrate is with a glass or two of wine, hence the name Thursday Night Vines. I’ll write about the wines I drink but also about a lot of other things…..the lovely people I share my life with, the things that are important to me, the food I compliment my wine with, and experiences that happen in my life. Cheers!